California Sierras

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Kings Canyon:
Kings Canyon Grizzly Falls Kings River High Water Waterfalls Kings Canyon N-S forks confluence
Grizzly Falls in Kings Canyon   2001-2005-2011 Kings River
High Water 2011
Waterfalls in
Kings Canyon
Kings River Confluence
North & South Forks
Eastern Sierra Fall Color - Early October:
Fall color 1 Fall color 2 Fall color 3 Fall color 4
East of Ebbets Pass Hope Valley At Sorensen's - Hope Valley
Yosemite country photo link Sierra light Pinecrest Lake The Iceberg
Yosemite high country First morning light at
Pinecrest Lake shore
Sunset at
Pinecrest Lake
"The Iceberg"
from Clark's Fork
Lake Alpine (1-2) Lake Alpine sunrise Lake Alpine morning (2) Lake Alpine afternoon (2)
Lake Alpine
Sequoia NP 1 Sequoia NP 2 Sequoias Mariposa Grove Sequoias  Mariposa Grove detail at base
Sequoias - Sequoia National Park ... and with a person (arrow) to show
scale of tree height - enlarged detail at right
Ebbets Pass Trees Convict Lake Bristlecone Pine Cones Fishing Hole near Sonora Pass
Ebbets Pass Convict Lake Bristlecone Pines Fishing Hole
near Sonora Pass
Sierra View 1 Sierra View 2 Sierra View 3
Eastern Sierras .. from Owens Valley in May .. from White Mountains in July
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