IBM San Jose Campus 1963

Exterior Art and Architecture

Outside IBM San Jose plant site buildings 9, 10 and 11
Snapshots from November and December 1963
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Hydro-gyro (1) Hydro-gyro (2) Hydro-gyro (3)
The Hydrogyro, a structure by sculptor Robert B. Howard of San Francisco, bears the legend “ determine if he creates, invents, discovers, or is guided into what he thinks he knows and believes.”  (Thanks to Dave Bennet for researching this work and its info plaque.)

Beginnings of Science (1) Beginnings of Science (2)
Beginnings of Science (3) Beginnings of Science (4)
plaza (1) plaza (2) plaza (3)
Plaza viewsB12 site (background) is an open field
plaza (4) plaza (5) plaza (6)
timeless family (1) timeless family (2) timeless family (3)

B10 (1) B10 (2) B10 (3)
Building 10 landscaping, bewteen-wing courtyards, outdoor art
B10 (4) B10 (5) B10 (6)
B10 (7) B10 (8) B10 (9)

plaza (7) plaza (8) plaza (9)
Looking towards future B26 and B12 sites

Edible landscaping:
Lemons Pomegranates Persimmons
Lemons Pomegranates Persimmons outside B10

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