Opera by Alma Deutscher

American premiere (and world premiere of English language version)
Presented December 2017 in San Jose by The Packard Humanities Institute and Opera San Jose

Alma Deutscher's opera is based on the fairy tale, but music itself has become the central theme of the story. The setting is an opera company run by the stepmother, who inherited it from Cinderella’s father when he died. Cinderella herself is a composer with beautiful melodies springing into her head, but her new family treats her with contempt, especially the step-sisters, who are vain would-be divas. The prince is a poet, and the story ends with the Prince searching for the lost melody for his poem (rather than a lost slipper).   Cinderella opera synopsis
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Cinderella photo 1
  Opening scene - Cinderella working backstage in the opera house
Cinderella photo 2
Cinderella photo 3
Cinderella photo 4
  Stepsisters Griselda and Zibaldona with Cinderella
Cinderella photo 5
  The King and his Royal Minister in the palace
Cinderella photo 6
Cinderella photo 7
  The Prince meets Emeline in the forest, Alma Deutscher at left performing on the piano
Cinderella photo 8
  Cinderella received the Prince's book of poems from Emeline
Cinderella photo 9
  The Stepmother with the stepsisters and Cinderella in the opera house
Cinderella photo 10
Cinderella photo 11
Cinderella photo 12
Cinderella photo 13
  The Stepmother and Cinderella
Cinderella photo 14
  The Prince and The Minister in the palace
Cinderella photo 15
  Emeline with Cinderella in the opera house
Cinderella photo 16
  Emeline, Cinderella and Cinderella's ball gown
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Cinderella photo 17
  The Masked Ball
Cinderella photo 18
  The Prince meets Cinderela
Cinderella photo 19
Cinderella photo 20
  A balcony outside the palace ballroom
Cinderella photo 21
  Midnight! "I must leave"
Cinderella photo 22
  In the King's chamber at the palace
Cinderella photo 23
  On stage at the opera house
Cinderella photo 24
  Cinderella is banashied to the basement
Cinderella photo 25
  The Prince hears Cinderella singing her song and frees her from the basement
Cinderella photo 26
Cinderella photo 27
  Emeline prepares to lead the Prince and Cinderella to the Royal Chapel
Cinderella photo 28
Cinderella photo 29
  In the Royal Chapel ready for the wedding, Alma Deutscher at left performing on the theatre's Wurlitzer organ
Cinderella photo 30
Cinderella photo 31
  Full cast on stage after the wedding
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    Cinderella   Vanessa Becerra
    Prince   Jonas Hacker
    King   Nathan Stark
    Emeline (Fairy)   Claudia Chapa
    Stepmother   Mary Dunleavy
    Griselda   Stacey Tappan
    Zibaldona   Karin Mushegain
    Minister   Brian James Myer
    Flower girl   Helen Deutscher
    Direction amd Design:
    Stage Director   Brad Dalton
    Dance Director   Richard Powers
    Scenic Design   Steven Kemp
    Lighting Design   David Lee Cuthbert
    Costume Design   Johann Stegmeir
    Wig Design   Robert Pickens
    Makeup Design   Erica Marshall
    Properties Master   Lori Scheper-Kesel

Photos Copyright © 2017 Bob Shomler.

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